Troubleshoot Website Connection Issues


Below are some of the common issues you might run into while connecting your ShipperHQ account to your store.

Is Sandbox Enabled?

You may receive an error that looks something like this when trying to configure your site within Magento:

The most usual reason behind this is that SandBox Mode is enabled. So make sure that it is set to ‘No’ unless specifically instructed to do so. Keep in mind that even if you’re on a sandbox store and not live, you still need to set sandbox to no. There are no setbacks or disadvantages to this just FYI.

Are the API and Authentication Code from the same Website?

Double check that the API Key and Authentication code were input properly. The Authentication Code you enter in your extension settings must come from the same place you pulled the API Key.

Nothing happens after Generating Authentication Code in ShipperHQ?

If nothing happens after clicking “Generate New Authentication Code” this is likely a new website. In this scenario, at the bottom, select the drop-down arrow to the right of the “Save” button and click “Save and Edit”. When successfully saved, click the Generate button again. This should then show you the authentication code.

Do your Scope Settings match up?

The scope that you are working in on your ShipperHQ dashboard must match what you have set in the Magento backend. Check the top right when in ShipperHQ. If the dropdown says Live, just make sure that it says Live in Magento. Where you synchronize ShipperHQ, you should see a dropdown for scope. If in ShipperHQ it says you’re on the Test scope, set the extension settings to to Test etc.

Still facing issues? Contact Support.

If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please provide us with temporary admin access (using  and let us know if we can reset the authentication code on the ShipperHQ side during testing. The scenarios where you would want us not to do this would be if you already have a site connected to this ShipperHQ website/api key.

If you need to whitelist our IP’s to access your admin, then you can use the IP’s below:

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