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ShipperHQ is designed to optimize the checkout experience of multiple eCommerce platforms. We offer different subscription plans with varying functionality and pricing. This article reviews how to find your current plan, upgrade, change or cancel your subscription, or contact our support team for more information.

What plan am I on?

You can check the plan you are currently subscribed to by navigating to the My Account icon on the top right corner. Then click on Billing. You can take most subscription related actions on this page.

On the billing page, you can see the following information

  • Plan level (Starter, Standard, Advanced or Enterprise)
  • Subscription type (Monthly or Annual)
  • Subscription Fee
  • Next Billing Date

Upgrade or Downgrade Subscription

On the billing page, you can see all the plans that are available to you along with the option to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Click on the “Choose this plan” button on the desired plan or start a conversation with one of our shipping experts:

You may notice that in some cases you do not see plan levels lower than your current subscription on this page. This is because you are utilizing a higher number of advanced features, carriers or shipping rules than the lower plans allow and are unable to switch to a lower plan without turning off the additional functionality. Once disabled, the lower plan levels will become visible.

Close or Cancel Subscription

If you are closing your business or site or have otherwise determined that you no longer need ShipperHQ to power your checkout experience, you can request that our Billing team cancel your ShipperHQ subscription by filling out this form at least 3 days prior to the next bill date. A team member will reach out to you within one business day to confirm your cancellation.

Pausing or Closing Your Shopify Store

Shopify merchants who have setup Enterprise, custom or yearly billing with ShipperHQ will need to reach out to the ShipperHQ team to amend or cancel their account.

All other Shopify merchants are billed for ShipperHQ via Shopify billing, and will not need to reach out to ShipperHQ directly.

If you close your site with Shopify, you must uninstall the ShipperHQ app to cancel your subscription and stop ShipperHQ billing once your store is closed.

If you are pausing your Shopify store, you may still be charged for ShipperHQ depending on which type of Pause option you select for your Shopify store:

  • Pause and build – as you are still working on developing and configuring your Shopify store, you will still have access to ShipperHQ and will still be charged via Shopify billing
  • Pause plan – as you have paused your Shopify store completely, Shopify will not charge you for ShipperHQ or any other third party apps billed through Shopify

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