Show Error Message in Cart/Checkout


When cart hits 300lbs, you want to prevent any rates from displaying in the cart/checkout and only show an error message.


This is unsupported currently in Bigcommerce and Shopify due to constraints by the eCommerce platform.


  1. Create a Filter and set min cart weight to 300lbs.
  2. Go to Shipping Rules and add a new rule
    1. Under theĀ Basic tab, give the rule a name that is relevant (i.e.: “Prevent Rates when cart over 300lbs”)
    2. Below the name you will see a Shipping Methods section, highlight all of the shipping methods this rule will apply to.
    3. Under the Actions tab, for the “I want to…” field, select Hide Shipping Methods

    4. Check the “Show Error Message when this Rule Applies” box (see screenshot below for reference)
    5. Enter the error message you want to display.
    6. Under the Conditions tab, select the filter created in Step 1 in the Weight/Price/Quantity Filters dropdown.
    7. Save the rule.

Voila! Whenever the cart is over 300lbs, the selected shipping methods will be hidden and the error message you set will display to the customer in the cart/checkout.

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