How to Set a Maximum or Minimum Amount for a Shipping Rule


ShipperHQ gives merchants the ability to set maximum and minimum amounts to shipping rules. This allows for merchants to set up shipping rules such as charging $1 per lbs, but no more than $10, or charging $0.50 per item, but never less than $5. Use the steps outlined in this guide to enable and apply a minimum or maximum amount on a shipping rule.

This feature is only avaliable on Advanced and Enterprise plans.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • A carrier
  • A shipping method created and enabled

How to enable maximum and minimum shipping rates

Use the following steps to enable the maximum and minimum shipping rates.

  1. Go to the Shipping Rules page.
  2. Click the Settings link located on the right-hand side of the page above the Actions column.
  3. Click the Apply Actions tab.
  4. Select Yes from the Minimum Price and/or Maximum Price dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Apply button.

The Minimum and Maximum Price fields are now shown on your Shipping Rules under the Advanced Actions panel when you edit or add a new rule.

How to set a maximum or minimum amount on a Shipping Rule

Use the following steps to set a maximum or minimum amount on a shipping rule.

Skip to step 12 if you want to apply the maximum or minimum amount to an existing shipping rule.
  1. Go to the Shipping Rules page.
  2. Click the +New button.
  3. Input the name of the rule in the Shipping Rule Name field.
  4. Optional: Input a description of the shipping rule in the Internal Description field.
  5. Specify if you want the Shipping Rule to Override Rates, Surcharge or Discount rates, or Hide a Shipping Method from the Choose an action dropdown menu in the I want to section.
    Skip to step 10 if you chose to hide a shipping method.
  6. Chose if you want to Override Rates or Surcharge or Discount rates based on a Flat Rate or Percentage into the fields provided.
  7. Specify if the Flat Rate or Percentage is calcuated on by Shipping Price or Order Value in the With Percentage On dropdown menu.
  8. Specify if the Override Rates or Percentage is applied to the cart, each shipping group in the cart, each item within a shipping group, or each box per each shipping group in the And Apply this Rate to dropdown menu.
    Skip to step 10 if you chose the cart option.
  9. Specify the shipping groups the Flat Rate or percentage is applied to within the Apply to these Shipping groups dropdown menu, if the And Apply this Rate to dropdown was set to a shipping group option.
  10. Select at least one shipping method from the Select Shipping Method menu.
  11. Optional: Specify if you want to trigger this shipping rule based on Filters, Shipping Zones, and/or Shipping Groups from the Preform the action when section.
  12. Click the Advanced tab.
  13. Optional: Speficy the dates you want the Shipping Rule active within the Valid Dates section.
  14. Specify the minimum or maximum amount you want to set to the Shipping Rule to within the Advanced Actions section.
    The value in the Maximum Price field must always be higher than the Minimum Price field. The system also ignores the values if 0.00 is placed within these fields.
  15. Click the Save button.

The Shipping Rule is now active. Use the Test Your Rates link in the ShipperHQ dashboard to test the shipping rule and ensure its desired functionality.

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