Offer Free Shipping for Specific Products in BigCommerce


In BigCommerce, on your Product Details, there is a switch for Free Shipping on specific products.

This document outlines how to offer free shipping at the cart and checkout for certain products in BigCommerce.


1. Go to the BigCommerce Dashboard

On your products in BigCommerce, you’ll find a “Free Shipping” toggle switch.

Switch the toggle on for each of the products you want to offer free shipping.
Shipping Settings in BigCommerce

2. Go to the ShipperHQ Dashboard

The next step is to specify the Carrier(s) & Shipping Method(s) that you would like to offer for free for the designated products.

1. In your ShipperHQ dashboard, you’ll go to Carriers and then click to edit the carrier you want to offer free shipping for.

2. Next, navigate to the Optional panel & scroll down to the section titled “Free Shipping Promotions.”

3. Click in the field and select the shipping method(s) you would like free shipping to be applied to.

In the example below, we’re applying free shipping to Ground and Home Delivery.

If you’re using table rate carriers, “Free Shipping” is presented within the shipping method section:


For most circumstances, shipping rules can be created to provide free shipping based on combinations of origins, weights, prices, etc. But for more advanced circumstances, you may also want to filter by attributes (for example, the origin) when offering free shipping.

For help with advanced free shipping set up, contact the ShipperHQ support team via the chat feature inside the ShipperHQ dashboard during business hours, or by email or phone.

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