How to Set Maximum Lengths for Custom Rate Methods


Many carriers have a maximum length that they can ship. For example, UPS non-freight can ship up to 108 inches in length. Live rate carriers automatically restrict shipping methods when the maximum supported dimensions are exceeded so this article details how to achieve this with custom rate carriers.


We have three custom rates that we want to configure:

Standard Delivery with a maximum length of 108 inches

Next Day with a maximum length of 50 inches

Freight, which has no maximums.

Carrier Setup

For this we will use a table rates carrier with each of the shipping methods defined in a single carrier.

With the above example two shipping groups are used:

OVER108 will need to be assigned products that are over 108 inches in length.

OVER50 will need to be assigned to products that are over 50 inches in length but not over 108 inches.

Carrier Rules

With only the above table rates carrier all of the shipping method would be displayed if there is a product in the cart assigned to either the OVER108 or OVER50 shipping group. This is detailed in the Working with Multiple Shipping Groups article.

To ensure that only the respective shipping methods are displayed carrier rules will need to be used to suppress shipping methods in the cart so carrier rules will be required for this. The order in which these are defined will not have an effect.

Hide Standard Delivery

Title: Hide Standard Delivery

Applicable methods: Standard

Conditions: Includes one or more of these Shipping Group(s): OVER108

Actions: Action to Perform: Hide Shipping Methods

Hide Next Day Delivery

Title: Hide Next Day Delivery

Applicable methods: Next Day

Conditions: Includes one or more of these Shipping Group(s): OVER108,OVER50

With the above carrier rules the following options will be displayed:

If the cart contains products assigned to these shipping groups Display these methods
Not assigned to either OVER50 or OVER108 Standard and Next Day
OVER50 Standard and Freight
Unassigned products and OVER50 Standard and Freight
OVER108 Freight
Unassigned, OVER50 and OVER108 Freight
OVER50 and OVER108 Freight

The shipping rates will depend on the totalling algorithm on the table rates carrier.

This approach can be used in conjunction with dimensional shipping options.