Matrixrates FAQs

Where Can I Get Custom Support for Matrixrates?

Matrixrates has been fully stable since Feb 2009, with over 12000 downloads to date.  As such we don’t offer personalised support.  We suggest you look at the docs and examples, which should get you started.

You can alternatively purchase a ShipperHQ plan, which has more advanced features and we can provide custom support.

Does Shipping Price include tax?

The shipping price generated by the extension does not include tax. Deciding tax on shipping is outside the extension, we just return a shipping price, tax is managed separately. This is in line with all Magento shipping modules and all shipping extensions, the tax is not handled within.

In ShipperHQ there is support for using Tax Inclusive Prices. This is for rule filtering e.g. you can say cart subtotal excl tax > $100 or cart total incl tax > $100.  It has nothing to do with the tax on the shipping itself.

Rates being returned as $0.00

A common reason as to why this may be shown is if the currency symbol (e.g.: $) has been entered into the CSV file.

Check over your rules to ensure that there are no entries with a zero or asterisk (*) in the shipping price column.

Double-check that you have the correct order and quantity of columns. It should be: country, region/state, city, ZIP/postal code from, ZIP/postal code to, filter >=, filter <=, shipping price, delivery type.

Removing Matrixrates from your Database

Here are instructions for uninstalling Matrixrates from the database:

We accept no responsibility for errors; make a backup if unsure.

  1. Go into phpmyadmin
  2. Bring up sql prompt
  3. Run: select * from core_config_data WHERE path like “carriers/matrixrate%”;
  4. Ensure values returned look correct (if in doubt be careful!)
  5. Run: delete FROM core_config_data WHERE path like “carriers/matrixrate%”;
  6. Remove the webshopapps_matrixrate table.

What Should be Entered in the Header Columns?

The CSV headers are not used so in theory you can change for your own needs. Both of these will work just as well. Equally, you could start from row two onwards (though this may be difficult to read afterwards).

Country Region/State City Zip/Postal Code From Zip/Postal Code To Price >= Price <= Shipping Price Delivery Type
USA * * * * * * 10 Standard


Country State Not used  Zip/Postal Code From Not used Price >= Price <= Rate Method
USA * * * * * * 10 Standard

What Are the Method Codes for MatrixRates’ Methods?

Method codes, as stored in the orders table in the method_code column, are dynamically generated with Matrixrates, based on the pk (primary key) column in the webshopapps_matrixrate database table in the form:


For example:


The pk value will be different on every row of the table and will change on every subsequent upload of the CSV file as the pk value will change.

This is intended functionality of the module. If you need to set a custom method code for each method and/or a custom carrier code, this is supported in our flagship product ShipperHQ

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