Migrate WebShopApps Attributes to ShipperHQ


This article details the attributes created by the ShipperHQ extension that have WebShopApps’ extensions equivalents.


If you are moving to ShipperHQ, you should use the table below to map your existing product configuration to your new ShipperHQ settings.

WebShopApps Extension WebShopApps Attribute Friendly Name ShipperHQ Equivalent
Product Matrix package_id Shipping Group shipperhq_shipping_group
shipping_qty Shipping Qty shipperhq_shipping_qty
Product Matrix with Volume Support ship_depth Depth ship_length
ship_height Height ship_height
ship_width Width ship_width
Premium Rates  volume_weight Volume Weight shipperhq_volume_weight
Shipping Override special_shipping_group Special Shipping Group shipperhq_shipping_group
shipping_price PER ITEM Shipping Price shipperhq_shipping_fee
Handling Fees Matrix  handling_id Handling ID shipperhq_shipping_group
Freight Extensions must_ship_freight Must Ship Freight must_ship_freight
freight_class Freight Class  freight_class
nmfc_class NMFC Class shipperhq_nmfc_class
FedEx Freight fedex_freight_class Fedex Freight Class freight_class
Dropship or Ship Manager warehouse Warehouse  shipperhq_warehouse
Dimensional Shipping ship_height Dimension Height ship_height
ship_length Dimension Length ship_length
ship_width Dimension Width ship_width
ship_possible_boxes Possible Packing Boxes shipperhq_poss_boxes
ship_separately Ship Separately ship_separately
ship_box_tolerance Box Tolerance ship_box_tolerance

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