Magento 2 ShipperHQ Modules and Split Database Architecture


This article is for users with a Magento 2 store that uses a split database. If in doubt, consult your developer. If you have split the database before installing the ShipperHQ modules, this article is not required.

The minimum version of module-shipper for this is 20.8.7, though the latest version is recommended. The install article also covers updating.

Moving Information

This article assumes that you are comfortable working with SQL and does not include example queries.

Option 1

To preserve the data you may use whatever SQL tools you prefer to export the schema and data, drop the tables from the default database and import them into the sales database. The tables to moved are:

  • shipperhq_quote_address_detail
  • shipperhq_order_detail
  • shipperhq_quote_item_detail
  • shipperhq_quote_address_item_detail
  • shipperhq_order_item_detail
  • shipperhq_quote_packages
  • shipperhq_quote_package_items
  • shipperhq_order_packages
  • shipperhq_order_package_items
  • shipperhq_order_detail_grid

After moving these run the following commands:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento cache:clean

Then empty all the generated content directories

Option 2

If you don’t need the data in these tables, you canĀ uninstall and reinstall the extension. Finally, after uninstalling remove all references to ShipperHQ from the database (see “Option 1”, above for additional tables).

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