Enable Minimum or Maximum Order Value Conditions for Carrier Rules


In some cases, you may want to set a minimum or maximum order value to charge for shipping. You can handle this requirement with Carrier Rules. Below will tell you how to enable the ability to set a Minimum or Maximum price in a Carrier Rule.


To enable these Conditions for rules:

  1. Go to Carrier Rules > click the Settings button at the top-right
  2. In the popup, go to “Apply Actions” tab
  3. Change the dropdowns for “Minimum Price” and “Maximum Price” to ‘Yes’ (see screenshot below)
  4. Click Apply


Other Options

This capability can be combined with any other Conditions on your carrier rule to make this apply in the specific scenario you need it to apply. Additionally, with other Actions, you can discount, override/set, or hide certain shipping options on specific days.

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