Using Discounted prices & Tax-inclusive Prices.


ShipperHQ has the capability to filter using the discounted price of the product(s). For example: If an item costs $50 and after a discount is applied that price is $25, ShipperHQ will be able to filter on either price based on a simple check of a box within the carrier’s advanced tab. The same applies to tax-inclusive prices. (This is a Magento-supported functionality only as of now) ShipperHQ can look at the price of the product including, or excluding tax.

Shopify does not currently support this functionality.

If you’re using BigCommerce, ShipperHQ is passed the item’s value configured under “Default Price” field within BigCommerce. Depending on your BigCommerce account’s configuration this will either include or exclude tax (see here). As the amount taxed isn’t provided to us separately, we’re unable to choose which values to process on our side.

Use discounted prices

This option allows the system to look at the price of the product after the discount code is entered. If an item costs $20 and the discount code on the platform drops the price to $15 and the option is checked, the system is going to filter using the price post discount, $15, and apply rules based on that price.

This option can be found in Carriers > the desired carrier > Advanced > “Use Discounted Prices”.

Use tax inclusive prices

This functionality is only supported on Magento. Magento sends ShipperHQ the price of the product with tax included and without it. ShipperHQ can filter on either field by checking this box, located on the Carriers > the desired carrier > Advanced > “Use Tax Inclusive Prices”.

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