Currency conversion in ShipperHQ


If your website uses multiple currencies or if you have carriers with accounts which use different currencies you may see a difference between the shipping rates generated by ShipperHQ and the amounts charged for shipping at checkout. Understanding how currencies are handled in ShipperHQ can help identify and address this type of issue.

Setting Base Currency in ShipperHQ

Within ShipperHQ My account > Global settings, there is the ability to select the base currency that will be used by ShipperHQ. This is the currency that your shipping rates will be defined in within ShipperHQ and should match the base currency you use on your eCommerce platform.

Note Certain carriers may return rates in a currency which is different to your ShipperHQ Base Currency (e.g. DHL and UPS will commonly return rates in the currency of the country of your account with them). In this case, ShipperHQ will return rates for that carrier in that currency to the eCommerce platform.

Does ShipperHQ handle currency conversion?

No. ShipperHQ doesn’t handle any currency conversion. Instead we return shipping rates in the base currency set in ShipperHQ or the currency provided by the carrier (if different). When we return rates, we identify to the eCommerce platform the currency used for each rate so that currency conversions can be handled by the eCommerce platform. So for instance, if you have stores with multiple currencies you’ll need to ensure that proper currency conversion rates are set up within your eCommerce platform either via the platform’s native functionality or a third-party app.

For Magento Note that shipping rates will not be displayed at checkout unless:

  1. Magento is set to use the same Base Currency as your ShipperHQ account
  2. If you use more than one currency within your Magento instance (e.g. for different websites), you have currency conversion rates configured within Magento
  3. If you have any carriers which return rates in a different currency to your ShipperHQ Base Currency you have currency conversion rates for that currency configured within Magento

See How to Accept Multiple Currencies in Magento

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