Duplicating a Scope Configuration & Copying to Another


This article describes manually copying over your ShipperHQ configurations from one scope to another scope. Scopes are only available for Magento 1 or 2 and Zoey platform users. One-click Scope copying and management is available on the ShipperHQ Enterprise plan with instructions here.


When you initially set up your account – you configured your account under one of the available four scopes:
‘Development’, ‘Integration’, ‘Live’ and ‘Test’.
You’ve started testing your store and you’ve set all of your configuration from ‘Websites’, ‘Origins’, ‘Carriers’, ‘ Shipping Rules’ and so on.
Now, you’re ready to take your staging configuration live and you want to copy the configuration from one scope to another in the most efficient way.

Steps For Duplicating Scope Configurations

The most efficient way is to open two browser windows and login to your ShipperHQ from both browser windows. One of these browser windows should be a private browser window to avoid sharing the same sessions when logging in.

  1. Make sure you change the Scope on the window that you’re the copying the configuration to. See picture below for example:
    Location to view Scope on the ShipperHQ dashboard.
  2. On another page or browser, login to ShipperHQ and view scope you’re copying configurations from, let’s use Test scope for instance.
  3. First move Zones, Table Rate Carriers’ tables and Origins. Start from the top of each of these pages and work your way to the bottom. All of these 3 different pieces of the configurations can be exported as a CSV from the Test scope and then re-imported to the Live scope.
    Location to import and export csv file on Origins page.
  4. Do the same thing for shipping groups, make sure to import them and export them again via CSV.
  5. Box definitions, filters and customer groups can exported and re-imported via CSV as well.
  6. Carriers, Method merging rules, Method naming, Shipping rules, Pickup Locations and Packing Rules must be created one by one as these can’t be exported via CSV.
  7. Any Advanced Feature(s) you set on one scope will already be applied to all scopes.
Please note that when you export and import Origins from development(for example) to Live with carriers that you haven’t defined on Live then you’ll run into an error stating that this carrier is not defined on this scope.

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