Consolidating Multiple Table Rate Carriers

This guide will explain how to take two or more table rate carriers and consolidate them into a single carrier. This is useful if you have multiple table rate carriers and are looking to free up an additional carrier slot in your ShipperHQ dashboard.

In this example, we will be using two table rate carriers, “Standard Shipping” and “Expedited Shipping.”

Step 1:

We’ll need to edit the table rate carrier we’re looking to get rid of and absorb into the other table rate carrier, so in this instance, that will be Expedited Shipping. From here, open up a new browser tab/window, and then open the table rate we’re merging into, which in this instance would be Standard Shipping. Now that we have both of the carriers open, we’ll need to copy the shipping methods, method codes, and delivery times (if applicable) from the Expedited Shipping carrier over to the Standard Shipping carrier. These must be copied over manually. After adding the methods, you’ll need to save the carrier before you proceed. Here is a screenshot of the section you should be copying from:

Step 2:

Once we have added the methods from the Expedited Shipping carrier to our Standard Shipping carrier, we’ll need to go back to our Expedited Shipping Carrier, go to the Rates tab, and then export the CSV of the rates in that table:

Step 3:

Now, we’ll return to our Standard Shipping carrier, go to the “Rates” tab, and then we’ll import that CSV we just exported. Once the CSV has been imported, you’re all set. You’ve officially merged the two tables together.

At this point, we can safely remove our Expedited Shipping carrier, and we can rename our Standard Shipping carrier to just “Shipping.”

If you need additional assistance with this configuration, please feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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