BigCommerce Multi-Storefront & ShipperHQ Integration


BigCommerce has introduced a feature called Multi-Storefront (MSF) which enables  merchants with a BigCommerce site to operate multiple storefronts or websites, each with distinct inventory or themes, all under one BigCommerce account. 

Previously, merchants were required to have separate BigCommerce accounts for each site, referred to as “channels” by BigCommerce.


  • BigCommerce provides merchants with the ability to manage multiple stores or channels easily.
  • ShipperHQ does not distinguish between stores when sending back shipping rates, so BigCommerce merchants will still see a single “Website” listed in the ShipperHQ dashboard.
  • Looking forward, we anticipate that BigCommerce will build the ability to send the channel ID with the rate request to ShipperHQ, which would enable ShipperHQ to support different configurations per store/channel. There is no timeframe available for this functionality at this time.

ShipperHQ and Multi-Storefront Support

With the launch of BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront functionality, there are not any changes to how ShipperHQ interacts with BigCommerce. 

ShipperHQ will continue to seamlessly request and receive shipping rates for your BigCommerce checkout, and provide shipping insights. 

BigCommerce does not transmit the “store” information when requesting shipping rates, resulting in ShipperHQ providing the same rating configuration to every store or channel.

Merchants can add channels or stores to their BigCommerce account as needed & permitted by their BigCommerce plan, however, ShipperHQ does not currently provide a mechanism to return separate configurations or settings per channel or store. 

For merchants who’d like to offer a unique ShipperHQ configuration of rates, shipping rules and other settings, an individual BigCommerce site and connected ShipperHQ account is required. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on setting up additional ShipperHQ accounts.


We’re excited about the possibilities BigCommerce’s Multi-Store Front feature provides and we remain committed to providing seamless integration and support. 

For further assistance or inquiries, please reach out to our support team.

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