BigCommerce Dashboard Login Issues

A common issue users have come across when attempting to open ShipperHQ within the BigCommerce dashboard is that their login request fails and redirects their webpage to ShipperHQ’s main site. This occurs due to third-party cookies not being enabled within your browser, resulting in a login failure.

Third-Party cookies are a way of storing information locally within your browser. This can be required in order for login authentication to be carried across multiple pages, and is used for shopping carts to remain saved within your browser. When Third-Party cookies are not enabled, the functionality of apps and webpages may be reduced and can cause issues.

If you’re experiencing this login issue, it can be resolved by allowing third-party cookies within your browser. Here are a few links to common browsers which allow for you to enable this functionality within their settings:

For more information on this topic, and regarding troubleshooting within BigCommerce, you can visit BigCommerce’s guide here:

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