Assign Different Products to Different Origins


If you ship out of multiple warehouses (origins), or if you use dropshipping, you may need ShipperHQ to rate certain products out of a specific location.

We will explain here how to assign different products to different Origins in ShipperHQ.


ShipperHQ supports the ability to use multiple origins. This is useful for clients that are dropshipping, and those with multiple stores/warehouses that they ship from.

Default Origin

In ShipperHQ to start you have one origin enabled. This is called the default origin. Unless you specify at at product Level the origin(s) to use the default origin will be used for shipping from.

Assigning Products To Origins

In your eCommerce platform you can assign at a product level different origins. You use the origin name.

In some platforms you need to sync the Origins and then use a multi-select at the product level. On others such as BigCommerce there is an Origin attribute on the product that you would type out the origin name (multiple names you separate with a # e.g. Austin#Houston).


Origin Assignment being Ignored. If you think the Origin assignment on your product isn’t working, double check that you don’t have ShipperHQ defaulted to assume all products out of all origins. Check this under Websites > edit your website entry > make sure “All products belong to All assigned Origins” is unchecked.

All products belong to All assigned Origins"

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