Dependency issues when updating ShipperHQ on Magento 2


When updating ShipperHQ to the latest version, you will use composer to update the following modules: module-shipper and module-logger.  Both depend on 3-4 other modules (module-common, library-ws, library-shipper, etc). Each module is restricted to only work with certain versions of each other (or with certain versions of magento). If you’re seeing dependency issues where they aren’t updating to the latest version then this article is for you.

Potential Causes

Dependency issues || warning from Composer Update

When you run `composer update <modulename>` it will update the module to the latest version that’s still compatible with the other code you have installed.

If you notice your checkout isn’t working or if you notice that the versions aren’t matching with what shows as the latest in Github is that the newer versions of one module are incompatible with your current version of module-common.
Typically when running ‘composer update’ command, it should output a warning when there are dependency issues. if you do not notice this warning, you will need to update module-shipper AND it’s dependencies at the same time.

Marketplace Installation

Also, it’s worth noting that if you have installed through Magento Marketplace the version of the code available there will always be 2-3 weeks behind the latest edition as Magento’s Quality Control program introduces a significant delay. We’re working with Magento to reduce this delay.

Steps To Resolve

 *Note: A) is preferred as it’s least likely to have side effects*

  1. Please run one of the two options below:
    composer update shipperhq/*
    This will update all the shipperhq modules in one go
    B) composer update shipperhq/module-shipper --with-dependencies
    This will update any packages that need updating and potentially more than necessary however it is still generally going to resolve the issue.
  2. Flush the cache
  3. Remove generated file content by deleting contents of:


If the issue persists after taking the above steps please reach out to our support team at this time..