Where to set Declared Value in ShipperHQ


This should tell you where to set Insurance percentages and for products that need a declared value passed. Keep in Mind that each carrier has a minimum threshold for your product cost/cart total in order for insurance to apply. If it’s not high enough then it will not reflect on the shipping rate.


You can set this in ShipperHQ under Account Settings > Global Settings seen in the picture below:


You have two options to calculate the insurance value that is submitted to the carrier:

  1. Percentage of Cart Price: the total cart value is calculated using the item’s prices and quantities, and the final declared value is a percentage of this amount, based on the “Insurance Percentage” value. To use this feature ensure you have set a percentage value in the Insurance Percentage field.
  2. Product Cost Value:you can explicitly set a value on each product using the product attribute “Declared Value”. To use this feature ensure you have set a value for the Declared Value attribute on each product.

Then you can navigate to your Carrier in ShipperHQ and find that in the Account Settings Section of the carrier there should be a checkbox that needs to be selected in order for the declared value to be passed, as seen below:

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 6.07.46 PM