Using the Residential/Commercial Selector


Shipping prices may change depending on whether the customer’s address is residential or business (usually delivery to a business address is cheaper).

There are 2 options for handling the address type in ShipperHQ

  1. Manual Selector (only on Magento/Zoey)
  2. Dynamic Address Lookup


1. Manual Residential Selector

*Note:If you are on Magento 2.x.x and trying to set up Freight Carriers with any Accessorial options , you will need to email and ask for access to private satis repository and we will reply with credentials and steps to install module-options which allows the display accessorial options and the address selector when applicable. 

The manual residential selector allows the user to select the address type in the checkout.

Note: This capability is only available on Magento/Zoey. We have no ability to modify the checkout view in BigCommerce/Shopify.

Residential Selector

Enabling in ShipperHQ

If your ShipperHQ plan and eCommerce platform both support this functionality, you’ll find the option for “Residential Selector” by doing the following:
1. Navigate to the Features section.

2. From here you will be able to toggle the address type selector to show ‘Enabled’.


Carrier Configuration

Once enabled, you’ll find a new option on your live-rate carriers under the Additional Charges panel. Here you’ll find a checkbox to show the selector to your customers as well as an option to set the default value.

Residential Selector on Carrier

For LTL Freight Carriers

LTL Freight carriers don’t require that this feature is enabled as these carriers include the same functionality in their Accessorials panel.

2. Dynamic Lookup of Address Type

ShipperHQ has the ability to dynamically look up the address type based on the address entered. This saves you having to rely on the customer to select the address type. If the address cannot be found it will use the default address type set on the carrier.

To enable this feature you will need to enable the Address Validation feature from the same Features page mentioned above.  Then under the Settings for Address validation, you should be able to enable and adjust the settings for the feature to set Lookup Address Type in the Carrier to yes.

Dynamic Address Type Lookup