Using Fixed Shipping Fees set on the Product


In certain eCommerce platforms you have the ability to set a specific shipping charge by product in your product catalog. In Magento, for example, this field is found under the Shipping section when editing your products and is called “Shipping Fee.” In BigCommerce, this is “Fixed Shipping Price”.

With ShipperHQ, you can define how and when this Shipping Fee is used as the Shipping Rate. For example, you may have a product for which you always charge a flat $10 per item, another product where you charge $12, and another where you charge $15. The Shipping Fee feature allows you to set these values on the product and then use them in ShipperHQ.

Note: A more common scenario is where you have multiple sets of products with each set having a different per-product shipping price. In this scenario, it’s mandatory to use a Shipping Group to define this set and define the price to be charged using a Carrier Rule. The approach outlined in this document is really best used in scenarios where individual products have varied shipping costs.


We’ll assume you’ve already set up a Custom Rate carrier in ShipperHQ and that you’re using an eCommerce platform that supports the product-listing shipping fee field (currently Magento and BigCommerce).

Rule Setup: Use Shipping Fee on Product

  1. In ShipperHQ, create a new Shipping Group called “PER_ITEM”
  2. On your product in your eCommerce platform, enter the rate you want to charge for shipping for this specific product in the Shipping Fee field and assign the product to the “PER_ITEM” shipping group
  3. In ShipperHQ, on your Carrier Rules page click the Settings button in the top right corner. Select the Apply Actions tab and set Product Listing Shipping Fees to “Yes” then click Apply
  4. Next, create a new Carrier Rule with the following settings
  5. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select your Custom shipping method (defined on your Custom Rate carrier)
  6. In the Conditions panel, in the Must include all these Shipping Groups field select your “PER_ITEM” shipping group
  7. In the Actions panel, set the Action to Perform “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods”, set Adapt Shipping Rates to “Set Rates”, and Apply Shipping Rate/Percentage to “Each Item within Shipping Group”, and choose “PER_ITEM” under Apply to Shipping Groups
  8. In the Advanced Actions panel, choose “Shipping Price” in the Product Attribute Fee field

Now, any product with the Shipping Fee set on the product that is assigned to the PER_ITEM shipping group will be charged the amount in the Shipping Fee field.