Using “Must Ship Freight” with Shipping Groups


On ShipperHQ you have the ability to manipulate freight minimum weight thresholds in order to incorporate other items that originally were to small for the freight carrier. If you do not want to go through and manipulate your LTL Carriers you can alternatively use the “Must Ship Freight” ability on the Shipping Group configuration. That way it will automatically override any weight thresholds for the products within the shipping group, eliminating extra work.

How to Configure

1. You’ll want to configure Shipping Groups and name them “Freight Products” or whatever name you want. (Make sure these are attached to you product within you commerce platform EXACTLY the same as in ShipperHQ.
2. Once you’ve added the Shipping Group you’ll want to go in and edit the Advanced Options Section at the bottom.
3. You’ll notice that “Must Ship Freight” checkbox at the bottom left, and you’ll want to select that
4. You’ll also want to select what Freight Class applies to these products.
5. Save!


Now that you have enabled these products, they will ship by freight! This means you can save some time and don’t have to manually edit any of your carriers to adjust for their weight differences!