Using a different carrier when certain Shipping Groups are in cart together


This a walkthrough on how to show a different carrier when an item from two different shipping groups are in a cart together. This is addressing a certain scenario when you have specific Carrier Rules that are defining the Carrier for a specific Shipping Group. This will come into play if you have several shipping groups where items from each shipping group can me shipped by certain carriers. When you have two items in the cart from different Shipping Groups that are specific to only certain carriers, you need to set a Carrier Rule to handle this shipping method. We will make another Carrier Rule that sets a Carrier when these two Shipping Groups are in the cart together.

The example below is for a company that has an item from the stained glass Shipping Group set up as Store Pick up in the cart with an item from the windows Shipping Group that has UPS Freight only. When these items are together you might want another carrier to handle this, in this example it is YRC.

Setup—Establish Carrier Rules

**This document is under the assumption that you already have rules in place to limit your groups to certain carriers. This scenario will only work if your Carrier Rules define the Carrier for your Shipping Groups. This approach does not apply if you are making the restrictions on the Shipping Group themselves instead using Carrier Rules **


  • You need to setup a new Carrier Rule.
  • Carrier Rules —> Add New + —> “stained glass and window shipping”
  • Under Applicable Shipping Methods select ALL carriers except the one you wish to use (it will make sense in a moment)
  • Under the Conditions panel, make sure that under the Must include all of these Shipping Group(s) has the two items from the shipping group which we are making the carrier rule for.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.00.19 AM

  • Under the Actions panel you need to toggle Action to Perform from ‘Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods’ to ‘Hide Shipping Methods’. This will then hide all of the shipping methods that we selected before.