Using a Carrier Rule to Mark Up a Specific Shipping Method


A common scenario is where you wish to mark up a specific shipping method from a certain carrier in order to cover your costs or provide additional revenue. If you want to set an across-the-board markup on all shipping methods from a specific Carrier this can be done when setting up the Carrier.

This example will show you how to set a 20% markup on UPS Ground.

Example configuration for a 20% Mark Up on UPS Ground

    1. Create your UPS carrier and enable UPS Ground as an available shipping method
    2. Create a Carrier Rule and select UPS Ground in the Applicable Shipping Methods panel
    3. Since this is just a basic rule, leave all the options in the Conditions panel as they are. See “Other Options” below for more information on what you can do here.
    4. Choose “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods” as the Action to Perform and “Surcharge Rates” as the Adapt Shipping Rates option in the Rule Action section of the Actions panel.
    5. In the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section of the Actions panel, enter “20” in the Percentage Price field then choose “Shipping Price” from the Percentage Calculated On options
    6. Save your rule

The UPS Ground rates shown to your customers will now be marked up by 20% of the rate returned by UPS.

Other Options

We’ve set up a basic scenario here but you can also use Zones, Filters, or Shipping Groups to have this rule apply only in specific scenarios.