Troubleshooting Magento & Zoey Promotion Rules


This article aims to help you resolve issues that arise when trying to use ShipperHQ with Magento (1 and 2) promotion rules. It does NOT aim to help resolve issues related to setting up the rules themselves, that is covered by the eCommerce platforms support and documentation.

No/Missing ShipperHQ Shipping Methods Showing Within The Promotional Rules

You need to refresh the available carriers:

Magento 1
  1. Navigate to System->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Methods->ShipperHQ
  2. Click the Refresh Shipping Methods button under the advanced section
  3. You should see a message saying X number of carriers have been saved
Magento 2
  1. Navigate to Stores->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Methods->ShipperHQ and resave this page.
  2. Get a shipping rate on the front end.