Synchronizing Groups/Origins/Dimensional Rules to Zoey

Once you have setup your groups, origins, and/or dimensional rules inside of ShipperHQ you then need to assign them to products.

Within Zoey, navigate to Set-up -> Shipping and select “Go” next to “Advanced Sync”. This will check for any required changes between the ShipperHQ configuration and your store.

Next, navigate to Advanced -> Refresh Your Store. This will display all the relevant data from ShipperHQ and allow you to sync it to Zoey.

Sync with SHQ


Selecting “Synchronize with ShipperHQ” will then make the changes displayed.

Please note that values that are assigned to current products will not be deleted automatically, e.g. if you have a shipping group BIKES, which you created in ShipperHQ then delete it, it will not delete from Zoey unless it has been unassigned from all products.

Currently we do not support renaming of attributes in ShipperHQ – this will be seen as a new value.