Surcharging UPS Ground for a Specific Zone



You may wish to surcharge your shipping rates for a specific Zone. In this example, we’ll be surcharging UPS Ground 10% for customers with shipping addresses in the US 48 Zone. We’ll use a Zone and a Carrier Rule to accomplish this.


Your UPS carrier is set up and validated in ShipperHQ.


  1. Click on Carrier Rules in the navbar and click the Add New + button
  2. Enter the Name for your Carrier Rule, we’ll use “10% Surcharge of UPS Ground to the US 48” in this example
  3. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select “UPS Ground” in the Live Shipping Methods Assigned field
  4. In the Conditions panel, select the US48 Zone in the Apply to Zones field
  5. In the Actions panel, set the Adapt Shipping Rates field to “Surcharge Rates”
  6. Under the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section, enter “10” in the Percentage Price field and set the Percentage Calculated On field to “Shipping Price”
  7. Save your Carrier Rule


With this in place, when a customer enters an address in the US 48 they’ll see a UPS Ground rate which is 10% higher than the rate UPS returned.