In-store Pickup for BigCommerce


You want to give your customers the ability to have in store pick up.


  1. Enable In-Store Pickup Feature
    In-Store Pickup is one of ShipperHQ’s advanced features so it will need to be enabled under Features > Enable"In-Store Pickup". In-Store Pickup is only available on certain eCommerce platforms so if you don’t see this option available in the Features area it’s not currently supported on your platform. It is important to only make this change, selecting other things will add unwanted complexities to your account.
  2. Set Google Maps API Key from the “Feature Settings”(click on the Gear Emblem to get there).
    To use the In-Store Pickup setting on ShipperHQ we need to make sure that you have a Google Maps API key entered in Feature settings. This is used for us to logistically determine the In-Store location, to set this up click here.  Once that is done we can set up a Store Pickup Carrier. See the screenshot below for the settings of the “In-Store pickup”

Note: Full In-Store Pickup is not supported on all platforms. On platforms where full functionality is not supported, you can still set up your In-Store Pickup options in the same was but customers will not be shown a map or store info on checkout, they’ll just be shown a list of pickup locations to choose from.


  • Go to “Carriers” in the left nav
  • Select “Add New +” on the Carriers page
  • Set Carrier Type to: “Custom Carrier”
    Set Carrier to: “In-store Pickup”
    Name your custom carrier whatever you want
    Click “Create Carrier”

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.18.08 PM

  • The new carrier page will load
  • Fill out the carrier info
  • Select the “In-Store Pickup” panel
  • Now we need to set up the Pickup Locations, click the Pickup Location that you specified in the Pickup Locations previously.
  • Below that you can set the max distance in miles for the customer to pick up their item. If you check the box Always Show Pickup then it will come up every time. If you do not, then it will use the Google Maps API to see if he is within 50 miles. If they are then it will show that as a shipping option.


Setup–Pickup Locations

  • Go to “Pickup Locations” from left nav
  • Select  “Add New +” on the bottom of Pickup Locations page
  • Fill out Name, Checkout Description (this is what will be displayed to the customers at checkout), and plug the Assigned Pick Up Carriers as the Carrier you just created above.




You will now see the listed methods displayed in the cart & checkout as seen below.