Showing Only Freight over a certain Weight


A common scenario is to ship via Small Package carriers like UPS or FedEx for shipments under a certain weight, and ship via an LTL carrier over that weight. This is supported in ShipperHQ using the Minimum Weight Threshold setting on your Freight carrier.

Setting the Minimum Weight Threshold for Freight

On your LTL Freight carrier under the Freight Settings panel you’ll find the Minimum Weight Threshold field. Changing this will change the cutoff threshold for your freight shipping as discussed above. The Minimum Weight Threshold is set to 150lbs by default on all LTL Freight carriers when you create them.

Showing non-Freight Carriers alongside Freight

By default, when the order total weight exceeds your Minimum Weight Threshold set on your Freight carrier all non-Freight carriers are hidden. If you want to show non-Freight carriers even if the order total weight exceeds the Minimum Weight Threshold you can choose to do this under the Display Restrictions panel on your non-Freight carrier.