Shipping item in Multiple Boxes

In your store you may well have an item that ships in multiple boxes. For example a tent may consist of the canvas in 1 box, then the poles in another. This section covers this scenario.

ShipperHQ allows you to cover this configuration by the use of Dimensional Rules. You can add this via the dashboard.

When you add the Dimensional Rule you can then select it will ship in multiple boxes using the “Method of Shipping” drop down box, and then specify each of the box dimensions, the qty that fit and the weight.

Multiple boxes

Magento: In your eCommerce platform synchronise with ShipperHQ and select/enter the dimensional rule group at the product level.

BigCommerce: For all products that require this rule to be applied put the name of the dimensional rule against the product.

Whenever the product is in the cart it will pack in these boxes.

Side Note: If “All Items Ship Separately” is set to “Yes” then this dimensional rule won’t function as intended. To verify that option(While you’re on Dimensional Rules) Click on Settings (Top right-hand corner) > “All Items Ship Separately” Set to “No”