ShipperHQ Product Attributes on BigCommerce

Bigcommerce Product Shipping Attributes
BigCommerce Product Shipping Attributes


When you install the ShipperHQ BigCommerce App, you’ll see a few additional shipping-related fields when editing your Products in BigCommerce. These fields are used to set up product-specific shipping information like which origins the products can ship from, shipping groups, and a dimensional rule group that applies to that product. This article walks you through these fields and when you may need to use them.

Shipping Groups

Using this field you can set the Shipping Groups to which this product belongs. In brief, these allow you to set up groups of products which are handled different. Some examples here are perishable products which have restrictions around how long they can be in transit, bulky products which may need to be shipped via LTL freight, or situations where you’re offering a special shipping promotion on certain products.

In order to use this field, you’ll need to create your Shipping Groups in ShipperHQ and then enter the Shipping Group name here. You can enter a comma-separated list of multiple Shipping Groups.

If all of your products follow the same Shipping rules, you won’t need to use Shipping Groups. Additionally, if you have only a subset of your products which need to be handled differently, you can leave this field empty on the products which don’t belong to this group and your default shipping configuration will be used.

Origin Locations

This field allows you to set the shipping origins from which this product can be shipped. As with Shipping Groups above, these Origins are set up in ShipperHQ first and then the Origin Name is entered here. You can enter a comma-separated list of multiple Origins and allow ShipperHQ to choose the best Origin from which to ship these products.

If you only ship from a single Origin, you can leave this field blank and ShipperHQ will use the origin you’ve configured. Additionally, on products which only ship from your default origin configured in ShipperHQ you won’t need to fill to the Origin Locations field on your products.

Dimensional Rules

By setting up Dimensional Rules you can configure a different way of handling certain products when ShipperHQ is calculating order dimension information. For example, some of your products may always ship separately from the rest of your products and never get packed into a box with other products.

Once you’ve set up your Dimensional Rules in ShipperHQ, you can enter the Rule Name in this field. Only one Dimensional Rule can be applied per product. In most cases, you will only need to enter Dimensional Rules for a subset of your products which are packed differently from the rest of your products.

Defining Master Packing Boxes

If you have boxes defined for a Master Packing box scenario then you now have the ability to define those boxes in the same area that you would define your dimensional rules. Keep in mind that if you’re already defining a dimensional rule then this will supersede or override any master packing box defined.

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