Free Shipping Carrier Setup


ShipperHQ’s Free Shipping Carrier gives you a quick and easy way to show a “Free Shipping” option to your customers alongside your other shipping options. For example, you might offer UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air as shipping options but want to offer a Free Shipping option alongside those for customers who order more than $100. The Free Shipping Carrier gives you the ability to set this up.


Free Shipping Carrier Configuration
Free Shipping Carrier Configuration

In the Carriers section of your ShipperHQ dashboard click the Add New button to add a new Carrier. Select “Custom Carrier” as the Carrier Type and “Free” as the Carrier and give it a Name (e.g. “Free Shipping”). This will create a Free Shipping Carrier.

On that Carrier, you can define the Carrier Title (which is shown to your customers and is the equivalent of “UPS” or “FedEx”), and under the Free Shipping Rules you can set the Shipping Method Name and the Minimum Order Amount. When you set a Minimum Order Amount, ShipperHQ will automatically show this carrier whenever the order exceeds this amount.

Other Options

If you’d rather offer an existing shipping option for free (for example, charge for UPS Ground for orders under $100 but offer it for free for orders over $100) this can be easily achieved with ShipperHQ’s flexible Carrier Rules. Additionally, you might only want to offer free shipping for a certain group of items or for a certain group of customers.