How do I restrict shipping to zones based on shipping group?


Let’s say you wish to restrict fragile products to certain states only for UPS but not USPS.  ShipperHQ fully supports this.


You need first to set up your carriers and origin(s) in ShipperHQ.  Let’s assume this is done and you have a UPS carrier, a USPS carrier and 1 origin (which is where you dispatch from).

Setup – Zone

You will need to specify the zone that the products cannot ship to.

Go into zones (on left-hand tab) and add a new zone. See example in screenshot.


Setup – Shipping Group

You now need to set up a shipping group. Shipping groups basically allow you to categorize goods together so that you can apply rules to them.

In this scenario we need a shipping group FRAGILE.  Personally we recommend using capitals just as it makes it less likely to misspell them.

On the left-hand side of ShipperHQ you will see a tab Shipping Group. Go in there and add a new one called FRAGILE. Leave the other settings as their default.

Setup – Carrier Rule

Next, create a new carrier rule with the following options:

  • Name: Prevent UPS for Fragile products (This can be anything that you want here)
  • Applicable Shipping Methods: (Select all methods under UPS)
  • Conditions
    • Apply to Zones: “Prevented Fragile Locations”
    • Must include all these Shipping Group(s): FRAGILE
    • Excludes these Shipping Group(s) – this is optional. If you want to allow FRAGILE items to ship to these locations via UPS when another group is in the cart, select that group here.
  • Actions
    • Action to Perform: Hide Shipping Methods

To note, for Magento there is another field under actions called “Prevent Shipping”. If you tick the checkbox for “Show Error Message when this Rule Applies” you will have the ability to enter a custom error message when this rule applies. This is useful if, for example, you want to display a message to the customer along the lines of “UPS is not available for this destination as you have fragile products in the cart”.

The above steps will prevent UPS from being displayed for the selected zone. Using a carrier rule allows for more flexibility than using restrictions set on the shipping group, for example, using shipping groups as exceptions to the rule.