Pickup Location Configuration

Locations in ShipperHQ refer to the physical pick up points a customer can collect goods from.

Locations are only used in conjunction with the Store Pickup Carrier. If you are not using Store Pickup you do not need this feature.

Locations are not supported by all platforms or all plans.  So if you do not see it check the plans page to see if it is available for your particular platform.

Note: Full In-Store Pickup is not supported on all platforms. On platforms where full functionality is not supported, you can still set up your In-Store Pickup options in the same was but customers will not be shown a map or store info on checkout, they’ll just be shown a list of pickup locations to choose from.


To use locations you need to enter a Google API Key In Features > Click on Feature Settings(The gear emblem) > In-Store Pickup



Adding a New Location

When you add a new location please ensure you enter the correct address as this will be shown in the checkout and on the customer order.

  1. In-Store Pickup needs to be turned on as an advanced feature: Go to Features > Enable In-Store Pickup > Apply
  2. Set up your In-Store Pickup Carrier
  3. Go to the Pickup Locations tab
  4. Under Overview: Enter the Pickup Location name and select which carriers the location applies to
  5. Under Address: Enter the address of the Pickup Location
  6. Under In-Store Pickup:
    1. Enter the Store hours that you want displayed in the checkout
    2. Enter the amount of time it will take the order to get to the Pickup location under “Pickup Location Transit Time”
    3. Enter Blackout Days as needed. These are the days when orders can not be picked up from that location. For example: all days that you are closed for holidays or blackout your busier days

You have options to enter information such as:

  • a map giving directions to location (default is to show via Google Maps)

When you add an origin assign it to the website(s) it applies to. If you have carriers created also assign these.

Pickup Options

ShipperHQ gives you the capability to set the days/dates that goods cannot be picked up by a customer. For example your store in Times Square may be open on a Saturday but your store in Brooklyn may be closed.

Additional Capabilities

If your eCommerce platform supports it you offer your customers additional features such as selection of time slots, a breakdown of pickup options depending on goods in the cart (e.g. split out thanksgiving pickup from standard pickup), etc.

These are created via the Date Rules Tab.