Origin Advanced Features


Most ShipperHQ customers can ignore these settings, they provide advanced features needed by a minority of merchants.


You will need advanced origin features in order to:

  1. Adjust time in transit for displaying shipping dates based on Origin
  2. Limit Origin to particular destinations OR carriers OR even shipping methods
  3. Dropshipping configuration

We give the ability to change which features of Origins are presented in ShipperHQ, this allows you to configure the dashboard for your needs and not have it cluttered.

1. Dispatch Date Options

If you don’t see this tab in Origins and would like to use these options please navigate to the Features page and enable the Date & Time feature to bring up these settings.

If you are using any form of time in transit capabilities (estimated delivery date/time or a calendar) then its necessary to set up the date based information.

ShipperHQ asks for details on:

  • Blackout production days/dates – e.g. when is your factory not producing the goods. This could be set to 0 if you can ship items straight away. A great example is a picture framer who needs 5 days to produce the picture from time of order
  • Blackout shipment days/dates – when can the goods be picked up for delivery
  • Cut-off time – Whats the cut-off time for this origin to be able to ship goods. Only relevant if shipping on the same day

2. Restrict Origin based on Destination

If you have multi-origins, e.g. multiple warehouses or are dropshipping then you can optionally specify for which zone an origin should be used. One of the ways that is configured in the origin settings is to set an origin to apply for a particular zone. For instance you could have a Canadian Origin that applies just to CAN addresses and then another origin for US addresses.

In most cases you do not need to select applicable destinations.

Note: If you do not see this tab you can enable it in the options for the Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping feature.

3. Restrict Origin based on Carrier/Shipping Method

Certain scenarios may require you to set specific shipping methods to be available for products coming out of certain origins or warehouses. In this case, ShipperHQ has the ability to toggle one switch and see different shipping methods based on where the product comes from.


1. In ShipperHQ, navigate to the Features page (see first screenshot above)

2. Enable Multi Origin & Drop Shipping feature (see first screenshot above)

3. Click the Settings button for this feature (see first screenshot above)

4. Set “Restrict Origins based on Shipping Methods” to Yes, and hit Apply at the bottom.

5. Navigate to any origin you wish to limit shipping methods for

6. Scroll to the bottom where it says “Restrict shipping Methods”
(Use ctrl or cmd + click to multiselect shipping methods)
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.26.17 PM

Dropship/Multi-Origin Configuration

It’s possible to tweak both the algorithms and the display around multi-origin capability, depending on the platform you are on. These options are located on the Features page where you select which advanced features you would like enabled. Clicking the gear under Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping will bring up settings for this feature. Options include:

  • Showing a checkout that has merged rates or split out based on origin/shipping group*
  • Alter the algorithm used for choosing the Origin

Merged Rates

You may have configured some items to calculate shipping rates separately to other items. You can choose to display those rates separately in the checkout or as a single merged rate.

In ShipperHQ navigate to the Features page and click the gear under Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping to bring up these settings.

  • To display rates separately, set ‘Show Merged Rates’ to No
  • If you wish to display rates a single shipping rate, set ‘Show Merged Rates’ to Yes. Ensure you have also configured merged rates on the Method Merging tab

If you’ve chosen separate display – rates are displayed separately on the Shipping Method step of the checkout. Once the customer has chosen a rate for each group of products, the chosen rates are merged into a single shipping rate on the final checkout review step.

You can change the name of this merged rate:

  • Go to Carriers tab and open the Settings dialog
  • On the Rate Shopping tab, enter the required title under Merged/Cheapest Shipping Method Title


ShipperHQ Dashboard Configuration

Under settings for Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping on the Features page, you can enable/disable origin features which will change the display in ShipperHQ Dashboard. You can even change the name of ‘Origin’ to be called what your terminology is e.g. Supplier.

Inventory and Stock for Origins

If you are using a stock or inventory management system, you can submit stock levels for each origin (and pickup location) to ShipperHQ when you request shipping rates. This will be used to choose the available origins or pickup locations when calculating shipping rates. (Please note this only available for Magento 2 platform customers).

To use this feature, we have a plugin available (0n request) that can be easily modified for your inventory system. For example, some merchants have advanced inventory systems or simply manage stock through custom attributes. In all cases, you will modify the plugin to extract the stock level from your inventory system for each origin, warehouse or location. ShipperHQ will do the rest.

* This feature is only available on Magento/Zoey at this point in time.