No Free Shipping for Hazardous Products


You offer free shipping for all of your products. In addition to free shipping, you offer a courier service for all products which is chargeable but gets the items delivered quicker.

Hazardous items must use a courier which you need to charge the customer for. The free shipping option should be hidden. This example assumes you already have free shipping and the courier options setup and displaying rates on your site.


Part 1: Create a Shipping Group

  1. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new one. Don’t worry about any of the advanced settings.

Part 2: Create the New Carrier Rule

  1. Click on “Carrier Rules” on the left nav, and then click “Add New +”.
  2. Enter a name for this rule, something like “Prevent Free Shipping for Hazardous Items”.
  3. In the “Applicable Shipping Methods” section, choose the free method that you want to hide when a hazardous item is added.
  4. In the “Conditions” section find the drop down called “Includes one or more of these Shipping Group(s)” and select the “Hazardous” shipping group you created in part 1.
  5. In the “Actions” section, find the drop down called “Action to Perform and choose “Hide these Methods”.
  6. Save the rule.


Free shipping should now not show whenever a item is added to the cart which is tagged with the Hazardous shipping group.