Migrating Attribute Values from WebShopApps extensions to ShipperHQ for Magento 1

If you are moving from WebShopApps stand alone extensions to ShipperHQ on Magento 1, we have a handy tool to help you set up your catalog’s configuration. The Migration Manager will map your existing WebShopApps product attribute values to the values you select for your ShipperHQ configuration.

The Migration Manager tool currently supports migration from

  • Dropship
  • Shipping Override
  • Freight modules

If there are other extensions you wish to use this tool with, please let us know.

For example, if you have been using Dropship from WebShopApps and are moving to ShipperHQ, you can use the Migration Manager so that all products previously assigned to a warehouse will be assigned to a ShipperHQ Origin (warehouse) you choose.


  1. ShipperHQ installed
  2. Your ShipperHQ account is configured with origins and shipping groups required
  3. You have synchronized your Magento site with ShipperHQ

Example Migration for Dropship to ShipperHQ

  1. Go to Catalog > ShipperHQ > Migration ManagerMigrationManager_0
  2. The migration dialog will list each warehouse you have created for Dropship. For each Warehouse, we select a value for ShipperHQ Origin
  3. Click Migrate
  4. Every product with a warehouse value of New York Warehouse from Dropship will be assigned a ShipperHQ origin value of “New York”
  5. Similarly, every product with a warehouse value of California Warehouse from Dropship will be assigned a ShipperHQ origin value of “California”
  6. Once the migration is complete, you will see how many products have been updatedMigrationM1_3

Deleting WebShopApps Attributes

If you need to delete WebShopApps attributes we recommend you do this from the Magento admin as it will cleanly remove. If you find you don’t have the delete capability for an attribute you will need to get your developer to go updated that attribute in the eav_attribute table and set user_defined to 1. Then you can delete from the admin.  Please take care here, we are not responsible for any mishaps.