Magento checkout error: Carrier with such method not found


During certain instances when you go to the checkout > click on a method (and for example sake we’ll use FedEx Home Delivery here) you get a message at the top of the checkout indicating the following: Carrier with such method not found: GROUND_HOME_DELIVERY, shqfedex and then from there, you can’t proceed to checkout as to when you click next you’re blocking from moving to the payment page by the same error.


There are two ways to resolve this if #1 doesn’t work than #2 should do so:

  • Log in to the Magento admin portal and navigate to Configurations > Sales > Shipping methods (Delivery methods in 2.4.1 and >) ShipperHQ > Synchronize with ShipperHQ. Follow the remainder of the sync instructions.
  • IF that doesn’t work, then go ahead and access your store database > navigate to the core_config_table then on the Path column navigate to carriers/shipper/allowed_methods and next to that you would see the value a column with the codes of the shipping methods that are synched. On the value column go ahead and clear out it from data and then repeat the synchronization step then save the config and that will fix this issue for you.

See screenshots that illustrate the above instructions.

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