Contact Later Carrier Setup


This is a guide on how to set up a Custom Shipping Method that says ‘We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates’ or a message similar. This would be for example if we do not currently support a provider that you use, or the items are too large to ship and other accommodations must be made.


The First thing you will need to do is create a Free Carrier.

  • Carriers —> Add New + —> Carrier Name (We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates)—> Carrier Type—> Free 


  • You will need to fill the Carrier information out.
  • Under the Display Restrictions panel, this will define where this Carrier will be shown to. If you only want to show this US 48, then select that. This will restrict the Carrier to ONLY show to that particular zone.
  • Click Save

Setup–Shipping Group

You’ll need to set up a Shipping Group for all of these items

  • Shipping Groups–> Add New + –> Name (NO_QUOTES)(you can name them whatever you’d like. Just make sure that the correct name is applied to all items that need to adhere to this rule.
  • Restrict destinations, this is another place to restrict where this item can go.
  • Restrict Shipping Methods, make sure to select your ‘We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates’ Carrier. That will mean this item will only show to this Carrier.
  • Advanced Settings, this will more than likely not be to altered. Ignore if not.
  • Save

Setup–Carrier Rule

You’ll need to make a Carrier Rule to tie the Shipping Group and Carrier together

  • Carrier Rules–>Add New + –> Name (We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates Rule)–>Applicable Shipping Methods, select all method except the We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates(this will make sense momentarily)–> Conditions Panel, make sure to select the NO_QUOTES under Must include all of these Shipping Groups–>Actions Panel, set the Action to Perform to ‘Hide Shipping Methods’. This will hide all methods except the unselected when the NO_QUOTE is in the cart.–> Save




This will show the customers the ‘We’ll contact you with Shipping Rates’ whenever the NO_QUOTES items are in the Cart or Checkout now.