Restrict customer group from shipping when cart is below $ amount


You want to exclude your discounted flat rate carrier when the “Wholesale” Customer group is in the cart and the order value is less X amount of $ – For example, I will use $150.


To set this, you need to follow the steps below:

1- Setup a custom flat rate carrier (If you haven’t done so).

2- Enable customer groups and define the customer group  “Wholesale”.

3- Go to filters, and define a filter using “Price” as I mentioned above I’m using $150 so my filter is going to be from $0 to $150.

4- Navigate to carrier rules, Define a rule and name it however you want. select the shipping methods that you want to be hidden, scroll down to the Conditions panel and add the “Wholesale” customer group, Add the $150 filter to weight/price/Quantity filters.

5- On the action panels set the “Action to Perform” to “Hide Shipping Methods”.




Once you accomplish the above, the “Wholesale” customer group will no longer get the ” Custom flat rate methods” (and any other methods you’ve selected) when the order is under $150.