BigCommerce: Adding Product Specific Shipping Options


This a quick guide on how to apply the ShipperHQ attributes  to your BigCommerce store.

There are 3 types of attributes that are defined in ShipperHQ that need to be assigned at a product level in BigCommerce:

  1. Shipping Groups
  2. Origins
  3. Dimensional Rule Groups

For example you may wish to assign products to a shipping group BIKE so you can set up a shipping rule on it. Then in BigCommerce you will assign all products that are bikes to the group BIKE so when they are in the cart the rules will apply to them.

ShipperHQ Setup

Firstly set up ShipperHQ as appropriate. On the left hand-side of the dashboard you can see the Origins/Dimensional Rule Groups and Shipping Groups (if you don’t see and need then look under Features in Account Settings).

BigCommerce Setup

The next step is to edit your products in BigCommerce to assign the shipping attributes.

  1. Go to your BigCommerce Dashboard
  2. Go to Products–>View
  3. Click certain product you’re looking for
  4. Scroll to the bottom, you’ll then see the three new fields
  5. Assign the appropriate attribute name, e.g. BIKES, CA, LARGE_DIM_RULE_GROUP
  6. Click save


Note: You don’t have to assign attributes to all products, only those you want to have a particular shipping rule applied to them.  For instance if you have just one origin then you can set that as the default and then no origin is required.

Bulk Import

If you have lots of products and lots of updates then it is best to manage this via a bulk csv import. BigCommerce have written a great article on this. We recommend you do one product manually and then export so you can see the format.