How do I restrict shipping based on customer group?


You would like to restrict your discounted flat rate carrier from the whole sale group.


You need first to set up your carriers and origin(s) in ShipperHQ.  Let’s assume this is done and you have a Flat Rate carrier called “Domestic Shipping) and 1 origin (which is where you dispatch from).

Setup – Customer Group

You will need to setup your customer group unless you’re using one of the default ones in your eCommerce platform.

On the left hand side of ShipperHQ you will see a tab called “Customer Groups”. Click on that and add your group there.

You may need to enable customer group filtering

Setup – Restriction

Now that your customer group is set up, you can create the restriction rule.

You need to navigate to “Carrier Rules” using the left menu in ShipperHQ and add a new one.

Enter the name, this is just for your reference. The customer will never see this.

Select the method you would like to restrict, in this example its “Standard” from the carrier “Domestic Shipping”. Leave the other methods unselected.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.26.19

Now in the conditions tab, choose the “Wholesale” customer group only.

Finally, in the action tab choose “Hide Shipping Methods”.