How do I prevent shipping outside a zone based on a single shipping group?


Let’s say you wish to restrict alcohol to certain states only.  ShipperHQ fully supports this.


You need first to set up your carriers and origin(s) in ShipperHQ.  Let’s assume this is done and you have a UPS carrier, 1 origin (which is where you dispatch from).

Please Note

This article details how to set a definitive restriction on the shipping groups.

When a shipping group has a zone defined in “Restrict to Zones” no other zones will be eligible to be used, regardless of the other shipping groups in the cart. This combines with other shipping group restrictions so if you have one group in the cart that can only ship to NY and one that can only ship to CA they will both cancel each other out an no rates will be displayed.

Please see the equivalent carrier rule article if you need to define specific conditions: How do I restrict shipping to zones based on shipping group?

Setup – Zone

You will need to specify the zone that the alcohol can ship to.

Go into zones (on left-hand tab) and add a new zone. See example in screenshot.


Setup – Shipping Group

You now need to set up a shipping group. Shipping groups basically allow you to categorize goods together so that you can apply rules to them.

In this scenario we need a shipping group ALCOHOL.  Personally we recommend using capitals just as it makes it less likely to misspell them.

On the left-hand side of ShipperHQ you will see a tab Shipping Group. Go in there and add a new one called ALCOHOL.

Setup – Restriction

With shipping groups you can restrict the carriers shown, and the zone they are displayed to. In this case we don’t want to show shipping to certain states.

Under ‘Restrict Zones’ we set to this zone.

Now time to test. You will see that rates are returned for alcohol friendly states, not returned when alcohol is in the cart for non-alcohol friendly states.

Alcohol group


In Magento we support showing a customer specific error message when a rule condition is met. If you want to use this then rather than create a restriction on the shipping group you need to create a ‘Prevent’ carrier rule and specify the zone/shipping group, then prevent shipping with an error message.

This capability is not currently supported in BigCommerce.