How do I restrict a Carrier to a specific Zone?


When you set up a carrier you may want to only offer that carrier for specific countries, states or regions, or even specific ZIP or post codes. For example, you may use DHL for shipping to Canada, UK, and Australia but use Canada Post for shipping to Canada. You don’t need a Carrier Rule to accomplish this, you can set up these restrictions on your Carrier using Zones.


  1. Click on Zones in the navbar and add a new Zone
  2. Give the Zone a name that will be meaningful to you and select one or more countries, one or more states/regions, or enter a comma separated list of ZIP or post codes or ranges then Save the Zone
  3. Click on Carriers in the navbar and either create a new carrier or edit an existing carrier
  4. On that carrier in the Display Restrictions section you’ll find a Restrict to Zones field, select your newly created Zone in this field and save your carrier


This carrier will now only be shown for customers whose shipping address is within the Zone that you set up.


If you want to make more specific restrictions like only using a certain Carrier for a certain Zone when the shipment weight is over a specific amount, for example, or other more granular scenarios these can be set up using Carrier Rule.