Highest Price Shipping Group Totalling using Carrier Rules


In this scenario the merchant has 4 different prices depending on the product type:

  1. $0.00 Free
  2. $2.99 Small
  3. $5.99 Medium
  4. $10.99 Large

If the customer has a medium and a large item in the cart the large item is charged for only so $10.99.  This can also vary based on zone and subtotal in the cart.

Implementing in ShipperHQ

Currently in ShipperHQ this is implemented using Carrier Rules.  The basic procedure you would need is:

  1. Set up a shipping group for each of the price points you have (I’ve used small/medium/large/free here but you can name them according to product type or other criteria if you want)
  2. Under Carrier Rules add a new Rule
  3. For the Rule select the shipping group that must be present, so it would initally be Free, and exclude the groups that you don’t want it to apply for (so small/medium/large)
  4. Set the price
  5. Continue for other rules

Whats important here is you state whats excluded, so for instance if you say a rule is for when small is in the cart and medium/large isn’t then that $2.99 price will only apply then. For large items you can set that to be whenever large and anything else is in the cart, it doesnt matter.