Hiding USPS for orders over $100


You offer both USPS and UPS to your customers but want to offer only UPS if your customer’s order subtotal is over $100 as UPS is often a better option for higher-value orders.


You have both your UPS and USPS carriers set up and operational in ShipperHQ.


Create a Filter to find orders over $100

  1. Click on Filters on the left-hand navbar and add a new filter
  2. In the New Filter panel, name it “Price over $100”; Set Filter Applies To to “Whole Cart”
  3. In the Standard Filters panel, set the Price drop-down to “Range” and enter “100” in the Min field and check the No Max box.
  4. Save your Filter.

Create a Carrier Rule to Hide USPS when your Filter applies

  1. Click on Carrier Rules in the left-hand navbar and add a new Carrier Rule
  2. In the Overview panel, enter “Hide USPS over $100”
  3. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select your USPS shipping methods
  4. In the Conditions panel, select your “Price over $100”
  5. In the Actions panel, change the Action to Perform to “Hide Shipping Methods”


With this set up, customers with over $100 in their cart will see only UPS options.