Assigning Products to Groups/Rules/Origins in BigCommerce


This covers assigning products to Shipping Groups, Origins, or Dimensional Rules in your BigCommerce store. This allows you to tell ShipperHQ which products belong to which Shipping Groups so that you can apply rules to certain groups of products.


  1. In your BigCommerce backend, go to the Product Catalogue and view one of your products.
  2. The assignment fields are found in the “Shipping” section of your product details.
  3. Copy/Paste the exact name of your Shipping Group, Origin, or Dimensional Rule and enter that into the relevant field (see screenshot below). For example: If you have a Shipping Group called SURCHARGE, you will enter that into the Shipping Groups field.

NOTE: names are case sensitive.

Shipping section on Products in BigCommerce. Shows: Shipping Group field, Origin field, Dimensional Rule field.

How-To Video


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