Generating Credentials for Third-Party Integrations of ShipperHQ


ShipperHQ has an open API which can be used to integrate ShipperHQ’s functionality with platforms or software where we don’t currently offer a pre-built integration.

If you are interested in integrating ShipperHQ with third-party software, please contact us.

Obtaining Credentials

The credentials used for third-party integrations are generated in the same way as the API Key and Authentication code used for Website connections on certain eCommerce platforms. Follow the instructions on our Website Configuration article.

In the API documentation, you’ll find references to the “password” and “apiKey” elements. The “password” element is the same as the “Authentication Code” generated on your Website and the “apiKey” element is the same as the API Key generated on your Website in ShipperHQ.

If you wish to use the same configuration on both your eCommerce platform and your third-party integration, ensure that the same Origins are assigned to both “Websites” when you set them up.


In order to obtain credentials for a third-party integration your eCommerce platform’s ShipperHQ implementation must support multiple websites on the same ShipperHQ account.