Free shipping via Shipping Groups on select Items


Let’s say you wish to use FedEx as a Carrier, but set up free shipping on select items to US 48.


  1. Create a carrier FedEx and ensure working
  2. Create a shipping group FREE_48 and then assign this group to your select products in your eCommerce platform (we recommend do with one or two to start so you can see working)
  3. Create a new Carrier Rule, select the shipping method you wish to give free shipping (e.g. Ground/Home Delivery)
  4. Set the conditions to be US 48 Zone and the Shipping Group to include FREE_48
  5. In Actions set Adapt Shipping Rates to “Set Rates”, set Apply Shipping Rate/Percentage to “Per Shipping Group”, and set Apply to Shipping Group(s) to FREE_48


The outcome will be that if free items are in the cart alone then Ground/Home will be free shipping. If with other goods then shipping will be calculated on the non-free goods only.