Set up FedEx One Rate Using Shipping Rules


If you’re looking for the Fedex-One Rate service in ShipperHQ, you won’t see it listed as a live rate carrier. That’s because this service is set up using custom rules. The One Rate service is basically a flat rate package service that varies based on zone. No discounts apply to this service so it’s recommended by Fedex as an alternative to standard list rates.

This article describes an example package size and how you would set this up on a table rate carrier.  If you have more than one package size then you will just duplicate the rules used for the package we review and make the adjustments according to what Fedex has listed on their One Rate Service Document.

Keep in mind you will need Fedex live rates as well as the methods in the document linked above or you won’t be able to get accurate rates based on the customer’s location.

FedEx Carrier Required
In order to set up FedEx One Rate rates using Shipping Rules, you’ll need to set up a FedEx carrier first. See How to Set Up FedEx.


FedEx One Rate is based on different box sizes so you will need to enable the Dimensional Shipping feature and define your boxes.


For the Example we will use the row outlined in Red from the graph below. This will be for when Fedex Medium Box is used for a customer within a Fedex 2 day zone resulting in a $22.15 Shipping price.

  1. Ensure that you have already enabled the methods listed in orange on the picture above before we create shipping rules around each column, or you will have to start the rule over.
  2. On the Shipping Rules page, Click + New
  3. You will need to set the carrier rule to the following settings:
      • On the Basic panel: Give the rule any name like MediumBox-2ndDay-Zone2 so you know what the functionality is for this rule.
      • Shipping Methods: Make sure that Fedex 2Day is Added under Live Shipping Methods Assigned
      • Actions panel: Under the “Action to Perform” make sure that:
        • I want to.. is set to “Modify the Price of my selected Shipping Method”
        • In order to… is set to “Override Rates” and “By a Flat Rate”
        • Enter in the flat rate you would like to use. For this example we are setting the flat rate to $22.15
        • And Apply This Rate is set to “Each Item within Shipping Group”
        • Apply to These Shipping Groups is set to the group you chose in the Conditions above, which in this case is, “OneRate-MediumBox
  4. Lastly, in the Conditions panel: Make sure the Local Zone (Zone 2) is in the selected under the “Zones Included” multi-select dropdown and that the “Shipping Groups Include One or More” dropdown has “Onerate-MediumBox” selected.

Then you would repeat those steps for each row and just adjust the shipping groups, zones and methods accordingly.

Note: If you are not using Shipping Groups for other rules or logic within ShipperHQ, you will not need to select specific shipping groups in the Apply To These Shipping Groups field. Instead you can select “All Products not assigned to a Shipping Group.”

Final Steps

To ensure correct rates apply based on item size, you’ll need to set the correct shipping group on eligible products.

If you receive any errors when saving the carrier, review the Troubleshooting steps first. If issues persist, reach out to us at or

Packing Tip

This configuration relies on the products being packed into specific boxes. If the box-based shipping rules do not match the carrier’s original rates will be displayed instead, which can cause rates to be much lower than expected.

To prevent the carrier from being displayed if the products have not been packed into a box you could use the following steps:

  • In the box definitions add a new box with the default 0x0x0 dimensions, no max weight and no max quantity called “Unpacked”. Under “Optional” set “Carriers” to the FedEx One Rate Carrier.
  • In Carriers > (FedEx One Rate) > ​Package > “Default Packing Box” select the newly-created “Unpacked”​​​​ box
  • Create a new carrier rule with all methods selected in the FedEx One Rate carrier and set the action to hide. In the Advanced tab select the “Unpacked” box as the applicable box.

This will make it so that if the product is packed into a box that is eligible for One Rate it will rate as normal. If the product is not packed into a box per the dimensional rule’s boxes, however, it will pack into the “Unpacked” box​ and the One Rate method(s) will not be displayed.

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